Is anyone experiencing lag/bad performance issues?

Hello guys,

I have a Mac mini with i7 2,6 ghz, 16 gb ddr3, samsung 950 pro 512 gb. I used this machine with cubase 8.5 before and i never had any kind of issue, i was able to load dozens of instruments without any problem or bad performance.

Now, i’ve installed Cubase 9 a couple of days ago and i’m experiencing some weird issues:

in general, Cubase 9 looks more heavy as regards the cpu usage but as you can see in the attached picture, the real-time pick is stuck to the top.

I tried the same project on Cubase 8.5 and i didn’t notice any issue: it keeps going fluently from the beginning of the song through the end without a single clip or lag.

Does anyone have noticed something like this?

thank you

I˙m on windows and experiencing similar issues.

Edit;Did a new clean install, works great now.