is anyone getting satisfactory answers from Sternberg?

Just curious as I’ve seen little response from Steinberg on the numerous issues with Cubase 9.5. Does anyone feel that they are being heard here? What about when you submit a ticket on an issue? I’ve been waiting weeks.

What is Sternberg? Are you sure, you submitted your ticket to the correct place?

Just because you haven’t seen their posts doesn’t mean they haven’t responded.

Romantique Tp is a staunch defender of Steinberg and I respect his right to be so…however, I have lost count of the number of weeks since I submitted a ticket and to be quite frank I really do not expect to get a reply…such is Steinbergs reputation for support…
maybe they pick and choose who they will respond to…who knows :frowning:
and yes…of course they are busy but such a big company should have the staff to deal with their customers…

I have no doubt Romantique will chip in again but that doesn’t change the fact that Steinberg do not reply to some support tickets…for whatever reason…

I’m referring to Cubase 9.5 issue reports. They did reply to most of the most serious stuff and a large portion of the remaining issues will likely be fixed in 9.5.20, which should be coming out within the next 2-3 months or so.

I called the service number in the US and received immediate help, in fact a nice guy named Adam worked with me on an issue for an hour until it got figured out.

Not here…my local Yamaha Steinberg distributer didn’t answer my support request.

Just as an fyi, it depends largely on where you are in the world– if you look at the SB contact page they explain it. Most EU countries get support from SB in Germany, USA support is provided by Yamaha USA, where they have a ‘unit’ devoted to Steinberg stuff.

In many places you are at the mercy of some local dealer or local Yamaha affiliate of some kind, and I that’s where it definitely becomes quite variable.

FWIW about 2-3 weeks ago I had a 9.0 issue finally logged, that dated back to 8.0 (possibly earlier). Fixing stuff is a very long haul.

Thanks svennileni - that could be my problem!

My copy of Cubase 9.5.10 currently won’t run. Crashes (most of the time) as soon as I click a menu option (eLicenser LED flashes at that point).

No response from support after a week.

Not looking good. :frowning:

I find support in Germany to be particularly slow - sometimes not responding at all

I’ve had a particularly delayed response every time that I emailed for support, since probably 8.5. I also agree that there are some long-standing issues that just haven’t been addressed, and some common sense design problems (how about that word stew that comes up when you ctrl-right-click on a region?! Also, why can’t we just right click it??) Anyways, it’s too bad because there are many reasons to totally love Steinberg. Support is not one of them. That said, I’ve never tried phone support, which I will definitely try since emailing does not work sufficiently for professional use. ps this is not to criticize the actual support agents, which have been decent in my interactions…

Local support will not fix bugs.
This particular forum could be the chance to talk to developers be somehow useful. Take Reaper forum, for example, the strong community helps to improve the DAW, people get help and answers. Developers are there, listening and people don’t feel abandoned, while this place looks more like a useless desert where Developers are gods, people can pray but no one knows if those prayers are being heard.
I have lots of bugs and issues, but I have nowhere to go with them.

Haha. I totally agree.
It would be nice it we could get some Cubase representatives to be more actively involved on this forum.
Someone we can yell at with pitchforks and take out our frustration.
I wonder if the German Language forum has more active members from the development team.

I tried the support chat a few weeks ago looking for a potential ‘patch’ they could give me to save my External FX routing. But the guy at Yamaha told me unless it didn’t have to do with installing Cubase or registration, he couldn’t really help.

I can only assume from this poor/non-existent level of support from Steinberg that they don’t expect you to be using their products to record/mix/master/produce any highly paid, contract critical, time-is-money, influential, famous, esteemed clients from the world of music/film/tv with their products.

Or to be even running a small, unheard of, personal studio in a professional capacity.

Maybe they understand that Steinberg products are only used among the amateur, unpaid, hobby community, so have decided that it is money-down-the-drain to offer timely, or indeed, any support.

That makes sense to me.

…might as well be contacting ‘Sternberg’

Probably get just about the same support :confused:

Come on Cubase. Step up!
Your latest version of 9 really does rock (minus a few tweaks) and I think you can steal some Logic and Pro Tools users away.
Hire a guy like Gannon at Universal Audio to interface to the customer base. His salary will pay for itself in the first year from new satisfied users.

Looks like Steinberg do try to fix the situation.
A while ago I reported the problem and got contacted by support. They excused for taking it long and provided me with advice and support.
This feels good.