Is anyone having glitches pro 13 when the internet is on?

When the internet is engaged on my computer, my pro13 has glitches on playback or recording. When I disengage the internet, it works perfect. Does anyone know what might be causing that? I am not a Mac.

Are you using wi fi? I only use wired as there has been problems with wi fi adapters. I have my wi fi disabled on the motherboard.

Yes. I am using Wifi.

Often time, there are background processes that access the internet for things like cloud backup, downloading updates, and so on. Usually, these aren’t a problem, but every once in while you may encounter an ill-behaved process. That’s likely what is happening here.

Then of course windows will start downloading updates for defender and general updates. It will install those that don’t need a reboot. If I’m actually recording audio I suspend updates. Most of the time I don’t need to. Are the glitches all the time or just for a while when you enable? If all the time then it could be my first answer about using wi fi. Otherwise I’d just try disabling updates for the minimum period. You can always re-enable and leave it to update when not in use.