Is anyone having problems with selecting audio files in the time align tool?

I have been having trouble getting the time align tool to accept most Audio files/track parts?

A few have worked but most, simply will not show up in the tool after selecting?

Am I missing something? I highlight the audio I wish to use to time align to, then click the plus sign to use it… most of the time clicking the plus sign has failed to register the part into the tool at all?

Anybody know what to do?


Could you please share an example file/preset name?

I’m not sure how I could share an example?.. These are just recorded doubles in Cubase, most from from work done in previous versions Of Cubase.
Could you tell me, is there a limit to the length of the audio tracks, you wish to time align?
Say I just want to tighten up a couple of fast detailed guitar takes on a verse for instance?
Are there settings somewhere to dictate the behavior of the time align tool?
It seems random that it does some tracks, but not others?


No, there is not length limit.