IS anyone running CUBASE 6 on XP

Hi Is anyone running Cubase 6 on XP ?


Is this a joke?

Just how many people are going to ask the same question without looking first?


And look at the old dinosaur I’m running it on (see specs), no real problems here except inter-auricular (i.e., it’s me, not the computer).

Small track counts though … YMMV. I think some of the other guys have large track counts and are using XP.

Apologies Split, Didn’t come up when I searched with the headings I used. If there is a thread about this would u direct me to it ?
Thanks Alexis …good to know ! BTW when u say large track counts do you mean many tracks on one project ?

Heres one.

safari so goody :smiley:

wow thats a blast from the past split lol .

even tho i have a dual boot xp and win7 computer i use xp all the time every night to record back ground noise and it has never crashed so after this amount of time i think you could say its stable :wink:

Hi filterfreak - how do you use the background noise you record, do you somehow use it to clean up your music recordings, or … ?

Thanks -

maybe his house is haunted and he is seeing what he can pick up through the night while everyone is sleeping? Creepy… :confused:

if i told you i vill haz too kill you ya !

nothing out the normal , i live near a railway track so i do the old klf chillout routine of recording hoping to catch the perfect train of a night time while everything is silent , yes yes yes i here you say i am a new age train recorder lol !

Thanks, filterfreak, that’s kind of cool!

I live near an airport, so I have to time my takes in about 6 minute intervals. No trains though!

I guess I have to look out now, :confused: , since you told me!