Is anyone still using VST Connect (Pro, performer or SE)

Sort of a rhetorical question, but the reason I ask is to find out firstly, if people in general are using it on a regular basis, or have tried it and given up. I’ve been trying to persevere with it for well over a year now, with mixed results, but ultimately it’s very frustrating and I wanted to see what other people feel about it.

My situation is this - I’m running;

Cubase 7 on an iMac (OS X 10.8.5), with VST Connect Pro (v2), and I use a NI Komplete Audio 6 interface.

the person I record with - my drummer - is currently running;

VST Connect Performer on an iMac (OS X 10.8.5).

He has two separate audio interfaces (AI) - an Akai EIEE pro, a 4 I/O device which works fine with VST Connect Performer and works with what I’m using fine too.

The other AI is a Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL, which is an 8 I/O device. Cannot get it to work. Either I can hear him, but he can’t hear me or the backing track he’s meant to be playing to. Or it’s the reverse, He can hear me and the track, but I can’t hear him - even though I can see a signal coming through all the relevant channels. I’ve tried blindly recording, but the audio comes up blank.

Being that we’re trying to record drums, the Akai is only of real use in getting quick ideas down, which is why we went for the Presonus for full(er) drum recording, but it just isn’t happening, and I can’t understand why.

Just as a final point, before he had the iMac (which I gave him), he was running the same setup on Windows 7 machine, and the problems were even worse. Also, please note that for test purposes, he has Cubase LE 6 on the iMac, which works fine with both audio cards. It’s only when it comes to VST Connect Performer that we encounter these issues. I wouldn’t normally be using VST CP at all if it weren’t for the fact I live in Taiwan and he’s in the UK, which is why VSTCP seemed like the answer to our problems.

If anyone’s reading this, and is using a sound card with 8 I/O - AND is getting it working via VST Connect Performer, then please let me know, as I’m very unsure what the issue is.

If it works fine without VST Connect, pls try an empty project and use “Create VST Connect”. Does that work? If so, you can work up from there.

  • “he can’t hear me” - you have your Talkback Mic assigned to the according input of your interface? You are sure to send something via the VST Connect cue channel? You are sure his Master is set to a valid hardware output? If you are sure to send anything, does his Master meters move?
  • “I can’t hear him - even though I can see a signal coming through all the relevant channels” - try “Repair VST Connect” and check if the VST Connect Monitor plugin is installed in your Control Room Monitor.

thanks for the input. I managed to sort it out in the end - it was user error at the remote end (i.e. the drummer wasn’t as familiar with the I/O device as he should have been).