Is anyone using 6.5.1 on XP?

I have a musical colleague who runs 6.0.5 on XP.
Has anyone tried 6.5.1 on XP?
Does it work?

As for me I am using windows 7 64

First impressions:
Wow two synths I will actually use!
So far so good. Early days, but I have yet to encounter a problem.
Padshop does the trick for me and if I could import audio it would be perfect. Can you do this or is this something for the wishlist?
Retrologue is a great sounding analogue that seems like it is easy-ish to tweak and create your own sounds.
I have not yet tried working with the lanes. Has anyone any thoughts about this?

Yes, I do,

Two problems:

  • Cannot import 320 Kbps MP3 files

Problem with MIDI timing on a VST instrument, after recording the first note starts at b.e. -, so it won’t playback.



Presumably this problem was not there in 6.0.5?
I thought the timing issues were history?

Indeed, it wasn’t.

I already asked support, their answer:

This is because you are running on XP, we don’t support that anymore.



How are you dealing with this Mark (I am on XP SP2 Cubase 6.05)? Were you able to roll back to 6.05?

I think I can roll back. But I can live with this issues. I just convert an MP3 to a lower bitrate befor importing, and If I recorded a VST instrument, I manually change the starting point of the MIDI track.

I don’t think midi timing is related to XP. Steiny just doesn’t support XP so thats the answer for all issues related to it. I use 6.5 on XP 64x and NO midi timing issues at all.

So do I.

Do these have dodgy tags somewhere?
I ran across this, and it was caused by tagging…

MIDI timing is an OLD issue, with lots of messages and a simple solution. If I remember right, it involves setting your preferences to use the system time for MIDI, or some such. Just search the board and you should find it.

I use it in xp 32bit and also win 7 and have no problems with MIDI timing.