Is Anyone Using Cubase 7 With Windows XP?

I can not change the OS of my computer at the office, because many development tools I use don’t work in Windows 7, but I use Cubase and Wavelab on that computer extensively. At home I have W7, just read my specs below.

You can’t be serious about what you said, Atari? I’m saying it works perfectly on Windows XP I use it everyday. It’s not another architecture, it’s proven to work with Cubase 7 since day 5. Steinberg only needs to unlock the installation. I tried fixing the installer with Orca but didn’t work :frowning:

Your office computer is not a problem for anyone but yourself. :laughing: I try to get you not to waste your time but if you insist then no-one can help you.

does you boss knows u play with cubase at work ? :laughing:
nice job u got !!!

Can’t say it’s not :slight_smile:

Hey folks.

I’m trying to use C7 with W7 and having absolutely zero joy.

Any help really appreciated.

I run the installer and it doesn’t get any further than an error message saying “Setup Failed - Looking for a solution”. This box then disappears without a trace and…nothing.

Tried numerous suggestions online that included altering the Group Policy Settings and fiddling around with snap-ons but all futile.

Have sent a support request to Steinberg but not holding my breath.

Anyone experienced the same problem? I upgraded from XP to 7 just so I could move to C7 :frowning:

Nice one


Did you Run As Admin?

Been using Cubase 7 on windows XP for a week now… runs very well.

Now how do I install the 7.0.1 Update ?
the update .exe just unpacks into some locations and runs… updates Halion but not Cubase

Yeah - the 7.0.1 update is distributed as patch files (.msp) and wont run on WinXP. I had to copy the patched files over from my Win7 Cubase install.


same here…

Thanks Kris… Ok that’s what I thought, lucky they put up the whole installer for version 7.0.2 so that was easy to install.
I guess with 7.0.3 it’s back to a patch file (.msp). So what files will I have to copy/overwrite from the updated win7 install?

Cubase 7\Components\Video*.*
Cubase 7\VST3\VST Connect*.* + Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3
Cubase 7\Skins\skin.srf
Cubase 7\Cubase7.exe


Thanks Kris

Honestly, I would back up your stuff, wipe the drive and do a fresh Windows 7 install, if possible. It’s a bit of an up-evil but worth it in the end. It’s what I did recently, for different reasons. But now my system zing’s like it hasn’t for years.

It works with WinXP 32bit, but not the installer. You can manually unpack the installer Cubase 7.msi with “UniExtract”. Then you can copy the Cubase7-Folder to your wished place on drive. It works…
The only thing that doesn’t work is the Steinberg-Hub. I have tested it with the trial version. But it seems to be the same. The download had the same size.
The eLicenser must install manually.
Also I had installed Cubase 6.5 already. I think it could be useful for the generic ASIO-driver.

I sometimes want to use Cubase on my XP machine and installed 7.5 as described by unpacking the .msi package. Cubase 7.5 runs fine, but the Hub does not work, It does not show templates, previously opened projects. Even the buttons are without text.
May be this is because the install method using the command “msiexec /a Cubase7.msi” does not generate things such as the path to the Cubase 7.5 location. It just unpacks to a specified folder.

But I think it must be possible to get it working. I will check the windows register on my Windows 7 32 bit and the Cubase config files and copy these or edit them on the XP machine.

Is your W7 a clean installation? I hope you didn’t do XP->Vista->W7 through upgrades, because that’s a recipe for disaster.

This does work I am running CB-7.5 on Windows XP Pro. With no issues.
Thanks Ripley!.. You Rock!!