Is anyone using RipX deep audio software within Cubase?

For the life of me I can’t get RipX working within Cubase Pro12. I can see the extension called RipLink is available but when I click to add an audio even it just opens a box with the RipX name and nothing else happens?

I use ripX a lot, but as standalone (to transcribe music and create minus bass versions to play along). I never used the riplink extension (but it is installed here).

I will check it later.

I found the answer ! What you need to do is select the audio event(s) then add the Riplink extension. This opens a box with the RipX logo in the top left - you need to click on the logo and it brings the audio files into the program.

Nice! So, the extension is working fine in Cubase without problems?

Seems to be all ok!

Same is here, unfortunately clicking the logo is not working.