Is anyone using the fielder audio Dolby Atmos plugins in WL yet?

as the title, is anyone using the Fielder Audio Dolby Atmos plugins in WL yet? how are you finding it?
im exploring coming off protools (and saving an extra sub) for some Atmos work as some what I’m doing isn’t hugely complex, compared to TV & Film post production, and after any feedback before purchasing the plugins,

or is there a cross grade from WL to be able to pickup nuendo 12 cheaper, and use exchange for roughly the same cost?

I have not tried these plugins with WL. They look promising and I was intending to audition at least the Elements version when I had the time.

There has been some discussion here around a future version of WL incorporating basic Atmos tools … limited to import of already rendered ADM, album assembly from existing ADM files, rendering and very basic effect processing. Along the lines of the Dolby Album Assembler.

However, there is no timeline on this and it may never happen given that Nuendo is in the same family.

Is WL the best DAW to try and host these plugs? Not sure about that.

Nuendo on the other hand has already integrated Atmos.

I just received a Stienberg email advising that a Steinberg summer sale is now on on offering significant discounts.

If you are coming from a post background, a jump to Nuendo might potentially be a good fit. But only you can make that call of course.


that would be very useful having basics
its remixing stems into atmos, so I don’t need the full complexities just need to remaster, cherry pick objects and run them through, thought it could be very straight forward in WL, instead of using protools

I have downloaded the demo, but it doesn’t play too well in WL, not surprising as its not listed as supported, it uses alot of CPU, but looks like it works well in reaper, I will look at nuendo further though, its great whenever ive used it, just never owned it personally

Indeed … super useful having basics and I hope that this will eventuate.

Thank you for the report as well.