Is Apple playing a joke with the prices of the new Mac Pro?

I mean…really, Apple? Way to alienate more of your already lessening pro computer user base. Many people I personally know in music – even those who can afford it – are talking about making or already have made the switch to Windows because of the hilarity the prices are. I use Mac and am embarrassed for the company at this point. I’m going to switch as soon as my schedule clears up.

What are your thoughts? And please: No need for fanboy-ism of either side here – that shit is old man behavior.

They sure look like they are marketing to only a wealthier group. I used Macs for years, and still dig the aesthetics of the design- hardware and software, but yeah, I can’t get past the price.

This has sealed the deal for me. When this Mac dies it will be PC here. Im done. G4, G5, MacPro, Im out

The joke is on Apple here. No more purchases of any Mac, iPad, software here :laughing:

Well, it is “extreme in every way” so … price included :open_mouth: .

They know their target demographic and how to maximize profit.

Let’s face it; Apple fans have been willing to put up with a ton of nonsense including price for decades now. There’s simply no reason for Apple to assume that won’t continue to be the case.

Those with deep pockets, including financially healthy businesses, will keep buying these things no matter what alternatives exist… because it’s Apple, it’s a Mac, and it’s OSX.

Meanwhile the Windows / build-your-own space is developing in awesome ways this year. No better time to build either a semi- or fully-pro Windows machine in my opinion.

Get away from both Apple and Microsoft – time for Cubase for Linux, I say! :slight_smile:

I’d love to try creating music with Cubase on Linux but it seems that’s not going to be possible. So I’m with you there.


Windows 10 pro works fine here… Assembled my own ryzen rig. No problems…

yea right that definitely wont happen any time soon

I have bought Apple New Mac book pro on 40% off. I agree with you that Apple prices are too high but Apple product is far better than others. You can also use online coupon codes to get discounts in all stuff like shopping, cell phones, laptops, jewelry and on many items.

Is that supposed to convince people to switch to apple? “Apple product is far better than others.” :laughing: