Is automation broken in 8.5 Pro?

I’m sitting here trying to record some automation in the middle of a track which already has automation for this setting in other parts of the song.

I use Auto-Latch.

Enable write automation, play the song, drag the plugin controls to what I need, play to the end of the section required, the automation looks fine, everything is dandy.

I press stop, and all the new automation flies out the window to some random settings from elsewhere in the track. All the 'dots I just recorded disappear.

Totally repeatable.

I hope I’m doing something wrong and this isn’t a bug, cos its p’ing me off right now.

Works fine here.

Are you in Trim mode? Or have you got any of the automation Fill modes enabled by any chance?

Is this happening on one specific parameter, or on all automation parameters?

It does seem like a bug of some sort as it behaved fine after a reboot, and I didn’t change any settings…

Thanks for the pointers though. :slight_smile: