Is autosave broken?

I’ve been working on a lot of sessions lately and the video service has been a continous pain in my backside.
Often when the video service stops working, it takes Nuendo down with it.

I’ve therefore set my autosave to an interval of 8.5 minutes, which may seem like a lot but is an attempt to not lose any work when things go tits up.

However, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed this must be broken. Today, I had a session I’d been working on all day, and the only bak files I saw where ones from my incremental save I do manually every once in a while.
From around 3 o clock I’d been so engrossed that I forgot to save altogether, and my session crashed around 5.

Looking back into the session folder, there were no bak files since 3, which must mean that autosave had simply not worked, or had mistakenly thought no changes had been made to the session since 3, as I’m assuming from looking at other sessions that autosave only saves when it detects that something has changed since the previous version?

Regardless, this is not the first time this has happened and its lost me hours of work.

I really wish there would be an option for Nuendo to save sessions on autosave regardless of whether it’s detected a change, as it would be much safer. Yes, you might end up with a load of session files if your timer is set pretty low, but I rather have that than lose 2 hours of painstaking work!!! :blush:


Autosave works on my system.

If you don’t use video engine, and your Nuendo crashes because of it, you can remove the video engine component.