Is Batch Process gone due to Direct Offline Processing?

It appears Batch Processing is no longer available. Is this true? If so, that’s most unfortunate. I had created a few Batch Processes used via Key Commands that I was VERY fond of.

AFAIK batch processing is not possible in the N8 beta, but will be back eventually.

I see what you did there…

Me too, and it makes me somewhat mad (rant starting).

WTF is happening at Steinberg at the moment?! Releasing a new software, that has some bugs in a new feature (DOP) is one thing, but removing a useful feature without any notice is unbelievable! Who at Steinberg thought that it was a good idea to remove Batch processes and not give us something similar in the release of N8? Either the people at Steinberg are totally ignorant of their user-base or are just blinded by their new feature set. :angry:

N8 very much feels like a beta in the moment. I don’t care about the new features, when stability and former useful features are scrapped!

GET THIS FIXED ASAP STEINBERG! N8 is of now pretty useless to me on certain projects as of now, and I have to revert back to N7. I have NEVER tried this with any other release. DAMMIT!!

Yes I also will have to revert back to N7 in certain cases to be able to execute batch processes. Saving in N8 then closing and reopening an N7 then accomplishing my batch process functions then re-opening in N8 will still be faster than remaining in N8 and doing them by hand.

I tend to be pretty positive about Steinberg’s development as much as possible but just simply removing a feature that has been touted in marketing with no prior notice definitely seems like to-the-rear march. In that assessment, N8 is actually a downgrade.

Now Getalife2, you are mainly a music guy as you state in another post.

Imagine life as a post guy when you add:

  • No picture from the Blackmagic card on my systems in N8 (N7 works fine here)
  • New AAF import errors from Premiere and
  • No RX6 connect anymore.

So you cannot import data from colleagues, you cannot show video on your screen and you cannot use audio restoration tools as in N7.

Talking about downgrades…This is not a release this is a joke.
AVID managed to release PT12 with only one minor new feature (I/O window improvements), Steinberg took that to the next level with -4 features. :laughing:

I’m following all posts related to N8…seems as we have many unhappy users. Oliver’s post above scared the living daylight out of me…I work in post 90% of time.
But…being on PC might be all happy sailing ?? Oliver is all OSX.

I started to use Nuendo back around 2009…recording live Orchestra/Choir sessions for TV. It was N3…IIRC. Now I am locked in at N7 and quite content all around.
Not even thinking about updating to N8 at all. The only added feature I was really interested in, was direct offline processing.

I wonder how long will it take me to reacquire my PT chops after all these years being on Nuendo :confused:


i have installed a win 10 bootcamp drive on one of my cheese graters.
Unfortunately all the problems are the same when I try to run N8 under Windows.