Is C11 crashing on exit?

I use NX Mixroom (V12) early on as I find it helps me to concentrate on creating the shape of the production, then I remove that plugin from the master chain. Later, I use other Waves plugs such as Aphex Vintage audio Exciter, MondoMod, Sibilance, Abbey Road Chambers, Reel ADT and Vocal Rider. These are all V10. So, sometimes the two versions would crossover, sometimes not, I will monitor this from now on. Actually I have had no crashes for a week.

The only other difference that coincides is that I turned off Cubase HiDpi on a guess that it and the new re-sizable V12 plugs might be a cause.

@Parrotspain. Thanks for sharing! My HiDPI has been off for a while. I’ll report back if upgrading all my v10 plugs solves my issue. Thanks!