Is C6.5.5 the winner?

Seeing 7.5 offered now, and still with ‘issues’, is C6.5.5 the best DAW software that Steinberg has ever created?

I vote YES!

According to your signature, you’ re not even using C7…?

Ha, I tried the trial download of C7, that was my only brush with anything 7-ish. Does this count? And I will try C7.5 when it becomes available for a trial download. FWIW, I also find myself wondering if I should wait a bit on it, maybe hold off till C7.5.5…

Well, all this aside I can read the posts on the C7/C7.5 forum, too. :sunglasses:

If it counts for you then that’s all that matters for this thread. I personally do find it strange, that some people think they can give a judgement about something they never really tried or used, only based on some other people’ s opinion.

I recently bought the C7 upgrade from 6.5 and will then install and update to 7.5 by the grace period offer. Figured I don’t wanna be behind too much, so why wait for C8? There will be new quirks anyway, and installing 7.5 and trying it out won’t change my 6.5 being rock solid. That being said - 6.5 is the best version I’ve ever been on so far.

I am still on C6.5.5 and very happy with it. I tried the C7 trial and didn’t have many problems but just didn’t feel like there was anything I needed (or really even wanted for that matter). I will certainly try the C7.5 trial (if they offer one) but I don’t think there is much that will interest me.

As much as I own Cubase 7.5 (Cubase 7 is dead and gone on my part), I still use Cubase 6.5.5 for client work.

I have installed C7.5 on three different test machines (both win7 and win8), more or less to keep score of the developement. I’m not liking the new Control Room thing and the mixer looks and feel a bit “toyish”.

Many great ideas in C7.5. And I like the Track Versions (can work like in PT and S1), the Track Visibility list thing, and Tab to Transient (even though it does not use the Tab key???).

But all in all, coming from mostly using other DAW’s for the last year, Cubase 6.5.5 is the best Cubase version so far. For me :wink: