Is C7.04 ok with UAD v7?

Can’t see whether there’s still issues with cubase 7 on the uad website. I’d like to upgrade. Anyone know if the uad v7 software is qualified with cubase 7 at this stage?

I’m holding off upgrading until the next release. After reading this thread on the UAD forum I’m very hesitant to upgrade. Beside unless you have an Apollo (I don’t) or want to buy some new plugs, I’m not seeing any compelling reason to upgrade. There is scant word from UAD on any general improvements in 7.0

UAD V7 is running fine on my system. There seem to be problems with the mono-versions, but I dont’t use them.

Dr. Max

Works fine here. Windows 7 Ultimate, Cubase 7.04, UAD-2 v7

Never had any trouble with UAD and Cubase.

Im so glad I stayed on 6.5 ,no need for Apollo drivers and more demo’s to tick off the plugin info …
Looks like UAD need to get their act together , certainly am not spending any more on plugin’s until they sort out their issues

The only issues I’m having are to do with UAD hardware and not Cubase. I keep getting the damned -38 and -96 errors and have to power-cycle my Apollo repeatedly. Only really happens in heavy projects but it’s a pain nonetheless. The plugins and software are running fine for me though, on both my Win7 and OS X 10.8.2 systems.

Great thanks. There were reports of problems with Cubase 7 and UAD v6 software so I was wondering if things were ironed out. It would seem that they are

thanks again


I am running UAD v7 together with Cubase 7 x64 on a Windows 7 x64 machine. I have no problems.
My card: “UAD 2 Solo”

works fine here…but im only running UAD2…not Apollo. Maybe thats where there could be a problem?

UAD fixed a big problem recently with the UAD drivers and Cubase so make sure its the latest UAD drivers also and it should all be fine. Everything settled down about 4 weeks ago after a UAD driver update