Is c9 stable on the mac ?


Apologies if this has been answered but I can’t find any clear threads on whether or not Cubase 9.01 is stable on the mac running sierra.

I have read the pinned gui issues thread. But that seems to be affecting a certain group of users. I would like to know from others particularly MacBook Pro touch bar users what their experience is?

Have been mulling over finally making the move to logic x which I toyed with last week and is incredible especially with touch bar and iPad support, for less than the price of this upgrade. Having said that as a long time user, Cubase seems to have finally come into it’s own so I’m willing to possibly continue. But. There is no trial and may not be for a while and I’m not paying to upgrade for something that may not work as advertised.

Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks

I now seem get a crash after launching Cubase for the first time. I then start it again and it seems to work ok. I have not been working awfully lot on Cubase 9, so can’t really tell how well it behaves on longer editing sessions.

Have you changed anything to have caused these new crashes e.g. Installed new plugins or updated the OS X etc or was it crashing from the start

It’s been solid on my system running sierra. Only problem for me is GUI lag besides that I can’t complain.

Is this the lag you mean?:

I can’t envisage what this lag looks like. If it’s as above I’m not sure whether or not that would be something I could learn to live with without trying it out first. So frustrating. Seems there are always mac issues.


I’ve had this in c9 since installation. Its usable when you start but then seems to deteriorate when you add more and more to the project.

For sanity sake I still revert for 8.0 for most projects as I eventually end up watching a spinning ball every time I do anything in c9 (select a part, move, copy, change track etc), though I’m trying hard to stick with c9 for the new features.

Fingers crossed for an update fix.

There is another thread trying to ascertain if its limited to certain graphics combinations.



Thanks yes I’ve seen that thread that’s why I also wanted to find out whether there are actually any other people who are fortunate enough to not have this issue and maybe help deduce why different systems are running better than others.

I guess maybe those who have no issues wouldn’t need to come to the forum so you would never know if c9 is running ok on some machines.

So badly want to start using c9 but obviously not if it’s not ready for release. I might have to move to logic x

I don’t think it crashed the first few times when using it. Can’t remember if I installed something before the crashes started taking place.

Extremely stable here with very big sessions and tons of different brands of plugins. Kontakt does have issues at times.

GUI lag is still prevalent for many of us, though. It can make you crazy.

Thanks for the insight. Apparently the trial will be released in 2 weeks so I will wait. The GUI bug sounds like it is across the board for most mac users and I think would really irritate me / my work flow.

I am using logic x 10.3 just released in the meanwhile. I’ll be interested to see if after two weeks I decide to stick with it or come back to cubase, as the latest logic x is currently blowing me away, especially the integration with touch bar and iPad (it’s almost like the touch bar was made for logic). But C9 sample and chord track are very nice indeed…

You’re very patient. Not sure I could handle that work flow. Good on you for sticking it out though - C9 does look great to me - but don’t think I’ll be ready to commit to all those issues.

I have a macbook pro running yosemite and a Mac Pro tower (2012) running El Capitan. Both work very well with C9. THe only issue I noticed was on the El Capitan machine I was getting audio dropouts if I have the Wi-Fi on. For me it doesn’t affect me because we don’t have Wi-Fi in the studio so turning it off it has been stable. I like it a lot.

Guess so. Been with SB since the early Atari version and always preferred the work-flow to anything else. Been through several periods of instability / crashes etc, they usually fix it. Tried logic, Ableton, PT over the years … still prefer Cubase … just wish we could go back to the Atari stability only with audio features :smiley: that’s why I moved to Mac. doh

No issues here on Yosemite - lots of plugs, VSTis and mixed tracks with no hiccups.

It seems there might be a correlation between type of MAC and graphics lag??

Mac users that have more powerful systems reporting better performance, older systems like mine with less powerful graphics cards ( Mac Mini 2012 i7 quad ) experience GUI lag. To be thorough, I experienced GUI lag when I moved from Mavericks to Yosemite even without Cubase 8.5 open. Reverted back to Mavericks from a backup ISO and no more GUI lag even on large projects with lots of plugs. It seems that with each new OS and each new Cubase release, the graphics demands get bigger, however, I do not have 9 yet and cannot compare.
…just a thought.

That’s not true – many of us on the newest Mac Pros (I have a six core 3.7ghz system, which is super powerful) are experiencing the GUI issue.

please report the lag in the sticky post. I run a six core Mac Pro running Sierra 10.12.4 not a SINGLE crash since Cubase pro 9. The GUI could be faster but SB is doing everything they can to look in to it.

It seems the initial crashes have stopped after installing 9.0.10 update (let’s hope it stays this way).

Never experienced any GUI lag even though I am not running Cubase on the most recent and powerful Mac.