Is copy events broken?

I have a midi part exactly 4 bars long. When I try to copy or move it either by dragging or cntrl K, it gets shortened by some ticks and copies are not 4 bars long.
Quantize is set to 1 bar. Doesn’t matter if snap is on or off.

What am I doing wrong ?


Are you sure the length is exactly 4 bars, please? Can you see it in the Info line, please?

Positive - see picture…

Same part moved 4 bars:

I just checked the same file in CB 10 and 11 - same problem…

Is the track in Linear Time Base, by any chance?

Yes, it is.
If I change to musical it keeps the same length when copied.
I didn’t know that this make a difference ?

It does.

You’re right!
Thank’s :slight_smile: