Is Ctrl + Drag Style Duplicate Selecting Possible

I’ve hunted for a way to do this but no joy. Say I have 200 edits to make like in the attached image, they’re all the same selection, so no point drawing them out 200 times, I just need duplicates of the selection, how do you achieve this? I can’t find a keyboard shortcut that allows the selection to be duplicated? e.g. in most DAWs you might do a ctrl+mous drag to duplicate a selection of midi notes or automation or something.

Technically you can move the selection (or vice versa all selections at once) with the moving selections tool and then save that as a selection within itself. However, you’re right there is no way to spawn drop or drop a selection (that is saved) at a specific time or frequency within spectralayers .

Many thanks for the reply. I haven’t found any spectral editor that allows this, I’ve tried using the select similar, but it is not really accurate as the broad selection types, works better for isolated spectral selections

The Select Similar actually works really well once you play with it and try different settings. Here is a few options to try (if you try the Select Similar feature and dont get good results the first time).

1.) Use the Amplitude window (within the display settings) and adjust the min amplitude and max amplitude to the point where the parts you want selected similar (across the spectral grid) are only shown in the section you zoomed in on and the rest is noise (meaning the black area). Usually the part you want selected similar across the spectral grid timeline dont overlap with other sections.

2.) If what I said above is not possible (because there is too much noise) then you can manually denoise the section around the section you want selected similar across the spectral timeline grid

3.) Sometimes the select similar doesnt work because the sections you selected are too narrow. Use the transform selections tool and broaden your selections.

4.) Resolution/FFT Size/Refinement plays a HUGE part in determining the results of the select similar feature. If you find that the results fail when using the select similar feature, try changing the Resolution/FFT Size/Refinement. Adjust until the section you want selected similar is clearly visible and within focus.

5.) If you find the select similar feature gives too many results you can easily use any of the tools (for example the time range tool or the retangle selections tool) to deselect(remove) any of the selections you dont want.

6.) Usually opt for the low probability in similarity option and select between 15% and 30% (that’s where the sweet spot is). Also (just like I said above in example 5.)), if you find that it gives too many results just use any of the selections tool and deselect.

7.) It works surprisingly well for vocals and I use this tool to get super clean vocals, however I set the FFT size very high and only have tonal and power option (and a few others) selected. I usually deselect noise. Try to experiment with select similar feature on something like background vocals, you would be surprised at how accurate it is able to detect it.

I hope in the future the transform selections tool would be its own separate tool because it’s confusing having the transform tool and transform selections tool as one tool. I also hope that in the future an option would be added to the other options(Tonal/Power/etc) based on rhythm or timing because sometimes the select similar does select the sections that are similar but sometimes it misses by timing (by a few milliseconds).

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