is Cubase 6.03 better than 6.02 ?

is Cubase 6.03 better than 6.02 ?

  • problems have increased with 6.03
  • for me it makes no difference
  • old bugs has been solved and I am more happy with 6.03
  • I am still waiting since I am undecided

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if I read the comments I am wondering if those with 6.03 problems are a minority or a majority - and I am asking myself if I take a serious risk when I update to 6.03


I wouldn’t have even used cubase 6 before .03 came out.

I have added one more option

cubase 6.03 fixed certain showstopper bugs(like the massive quantize problems) but introduced new basic ones(like the click track problem and graphic sluggishness in certain situations). I would say if you weren’t bothered by the bugs in 6.02 then don’t upgrade. if you had been waiting with baited breath like i was for the quantize fix, then get 6.03 and workaround it’s issue and hope they fix it asap.

Aloha guys,
For me .03 seems to have intermittent probs while,

1-Closing out songs. (hangs) (mixer won’t close)
2-Quiting Cubase. (hangs)

While this is an only annoyance in the studio, for
live work this is a show stopper.

As I said the probs seem to be intermittent so I will not up-date
my laptop just yet but my desktop is running .03.

and oh yeah, the clik prob…


not really helpful for decision taking right now :wink:

I didn’t really experience problems with either 6.02 or 6.02. I haven’t been using a whole lot of features lately though. One issue I did have since upgrading to 6.03 was that if I put my PC into sleep mode with Cubase running, when I took it out of sleep mode again, I wouldn’t get any sound in Cubase, and when I tried to close it it hang and wouldn’t exit, even if I tried to force it to close from Task Manager. I had to log out of Windows to make it finally close.

any more views ?

Well, I’m not going to pretend to be a very advanced user, so in general I don’t experience many of the problems that I see written here on the forums. However, the 6.03 update seems to contain some instability, hangups and odd behavior that I haven’t experienced in previous updates. The slowness - almost hanging - while editing tempo tracks is what I have been experiencing personally. I have never experienced any crashing or hanging in version 5.x Cubase or all the way up to 6.02.

On the plus side in 6.03 I’m not getting a lot of the sound glitching and other software/hardware problems that I was having with 6.02. I’m using a M-Audio Profire 2626 that started to act up in 6.02, random glitches and the odd total disconnect. 6.03 has been flawless and I’m even running a hefty bunch of Halion SE patches with 64 buffer size which I couldn’t do previously without unhappiness.

So currently I’m sticking with 6.03 and will ride out the odd bad behavior in favor of actual audio performance.

Aloha R,
Using which 'puter/OS?


it is possible to use the versions (separate folders) side by side, while using 3rd party plugins common folders. i still use 6.0.2 but this way i can test 6.0.3. this way, update without worries, but this update is useless, very unstable.

curteye I’m running a home built PC. i7 2.8 Quad with 8 gig of RAM. Windows 7 64bit. Firewire 400 with the M-audio Profire as I mentioned. I record audio 24bit, 44.1khz mostly. Latency currently 3.1ms. I’m new here so I guess it will take bit to get a feel for how Cubase runs on the Mac vs. the PC. I’m assuming similar problems are showing up with 6.03 on both platforms.

Of course this is only my opinion, but I’d say that if 6.02 is working well for you and your in the middle of intensive editing, mixing, automation stage in your projects I’d just leave it for a bit. Even though it is a mixed bag of good and bad for me I think this is the most “odd” version of Cubase I have experienced. No version of C5 acted as “unusually” for me for example. I’m sure that the guys at Steinberg will sort it out it is just a matter of how long we have to wait until the next update. I jumped on the update right away due to the audio glitching I was getting in 6.02 because prior the profire 2626 was rock solid with C5.x and C6.0.

Video import is a nightmare for me in .03 but I’m going to try and update video and sound card drivers to see if it makes a difference as I like the look of other changes.