Is Cubase 8.5 Faster than Cubase 6.5?

Hi there,

Is Cubase 8.5 Lighter than Cubase 6.5 ?

I only have C8 but my experience has been that C6 uses a little less CPU than C8 for the same project. It’s not a major difference though. Probably due to the new mixer, window layout, and scaling. Of course, it depends on which features you have turned on, especially in the mixer, such as the WAV meters, bridge meters, etc.

A lot of people have seen a significant reduction in performance since 6.5. Quite simply, I never ran out of CPU in Cubase 6.5. Since 7, 7.5 , 8 and 8.5 my CPU issues have got steadily worse where even modest projects can cause all sorts of issues for me.

I do not have the same problems in Reaper or Mixbus 3 when I can have many, many tracks, FX and VSTs and I do not have to worry about CPU ever.

The various latency monitors do not show up any problems with my system.

Neither faster, nor lighter I’m afraid. On the contrary.

I don’t recommend you get anything from Steinberg!

The only way for you to know how you experience it is to experience it. Why not download the 8.5 trial?

(Works nicely for me, fwiw)



Not an good comparising anyway as 8.5 has more features. My guts tell me that 6,5 will be cpu lighter probably due to less code.

Agree, get the trial and decide for yourself. In my experience it’s not faster in the sense of lighter on the CPU, but the ASIO Guard makes it possible to run a lot more audio-plugins in CB 8.5.
Anyway it’s never the decision of “if” to upgrade its always the decision “when” to upgrade. You will have to at one point, new hardware, new OS’s, new plugins that won’t play nicely together with CB 6.5 is bound to happen.

I think that some of the difference is to do with the changes in how computers are made. The tendency is to have more cores and a lower clock speed. Cubase does not seem to be very good at allocating tasks to the cores and sometimes can overload a core and read that as a cpu overload. Some users have said they get better results with a higher clock speed and fewer cores. I unfortunately went with the first option!!!

I’ve just checked, and they’ll both do 300BPM top speed. :wink:

No warp speed???

thank you everyone who answered my question, this helps me decide a little better

In terms of FX count, theres no comparison. C8.5 loads way more with ASIO Guard enabled. Ive been using Cubase since v5, its not the fastest environment (a la Reaper), but for now it can load heaps of plugins that were not possible before AG. Video card demand is certainly higher and it might get laggy with old card driver, but if you consider the revamp of MixConsole, its not that much.