Is Cubase 8 able to route midi to audio plugins?

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying out Cableguys VolumeShaper 4 and the Midi Triggering functions are pretty much useless! I got the plugin loaded as an audio insert on my instrument track. Their help section says to install virtual MIDI ports like loopBe ONLY if the DAW cannot route MIDI to audio plugins. I’d be pretty disapointed if that were to be the case with Cubase Pro 8. (I got version 8.0.35).
Can someone please confirm this or give me a little help as to make this thing work?

It’d be greatly appreciated!


If the plug-in creates a virtual MIDI Port, Cubase then can route the MIDI signal from any MIDI Track to this virtual MIDI Port.

Why did you use it in the Instrument Track? It’s pretty uncommon. Common use is in the Audio track.

Thanks for your reply,
VolumeShaper seems to create a virtual MIDI Port. However it doesn’t seem to react properly to midi notes. How would I set this up using an audio track?


What is your goal, pelase? What is your use case?

Basicaly, I have a synth patch loaded on my instrument track and I would like to modulate it’s sound further using the VolumShaper by Cableguys (instead of using a basic ADSR enveloppe). I would then trigger the plugin with midi notes so it kind of becomes a part of the synth sound (because the enveloppe would be retriggered each time I press a note. I tried loading VolumeShaper directly on the instrument track as an audio plugin. Unfortunely, it doesn’t seem so simple since this midi function inside the plugin (which is to be to riggeres by midi notes) is not working that way.


I see. Could you try to send the output of the Instrument Track to the Group, insert the VolumeShaper plug-in as an Insert effect of the Group Channel, and route the MIDI signal of the MIDI (not Instrument) Track to the MIDI Input of this VolumeShaper (i.e. Group Channel)?

I just tried it and it’s not working. Actually, the synth is not even playing since there’s no MIDI track routed to it this way…
Thanks anyways!

Hi Matthieu.

It works in Cubase Pro 8.

No need to install any virtual midi ports.
Insert Volumeshaper as insert effect.
The default midi triggering setup is ok (in from daw/all notes).
Try the Midi/ Beat 1 shot option.

Create a midi track. In the inspector click on the midi output. You should see Volumeshaper insert effect as an option.
Select it.
Any note from this track should trigger the volumeshaper. You can either play it live from midi keyboard or draw in a part.

I’m trying to exactly the same but with Volumeshaper5 and Cubase Artist 9. The volumeshaper is not popping up in the MIDI output drop list. What should i do??

Ahhh i figured it out. Had to make sure its wasn’t an instrument track but a MIDI track. After i changed the track to a MIDI track VolumeShaper showed up in the OUTPUT drop list. Problem solved.