Is Cubase 9 working correctly with Rewire?

anyone using Cubase 9 with Reason through Rewire? How is it performing :question:

I currently use 8.0.35 because later versions of 8.0 broke Rewire’s channel/group mapping, making it so you had to reroute your rewire channels to the proper groups EVERY TIME you re-opened a Cubase project. :imp:

I’m hoping this has been fixed, as this will determine whether or not I upgrade.

I’m having this same exact issue. I purchased 8.5 assuming that the issue would be resolved and unfortunately this was not the case.

Can anyone else or Steinberg comment on Cubase 9’s interaction with Rewire? Again, all rewire channels default to routing to the stereo output when reopening a project regardless of their routing at the last save.

I have the same problem, and would be very glad if someone could confirm that it fixed in 9.0.

Can anyone confirm that Cubase 9 fixes the above mentioned Rewire issue?

Still no confirmation… Steinberg? are you there?

Don’t know Reason, but no problems with Renoise Rewire so far.

Wow… 2 months now and no confirmation. No one uses Cubase 9 with Reason via Rewire?

If so and you’re reading this can you please confirm that Rewire is in fact recalling the channel->group routing correctly in version 9.

Thanks in advance.

seen this?:, alas in Japanese … F

Maybe no one understood what you were asking. I edited the topic title to be more specific.

I do not understand what you mean…

What are proper groups yadda yadda…

can you describe your issue step by step as if u were talking to a 3yr old pls?

  • if it helps, when I activate rewire (and mix L&R power buttons) in cubase 9.0.2, the sound comes through flawlessly without me having to reroute anything…

I believe he is talking about opening projects (or import for that matter, too) of which contain Rewire channels with outputs routed to Group or FX busses.

thanks for clarifying that, bb

opening a project with a rewire track routed to:

  1. Audio track
  2. Group
  3. FX Channel

works flawlessly.

The routing is retained and recalled in the saved project.

(i dont know what you mean with “import” tho)