Is Cubase able to tap into GPU power?

I’m looking to buy a new Mac for my studio and was wondering how much the GPU will effect audio performance. Is Cubase able to use the power available in the GPU along with the CPU? In essence will I benefit from purchasing a Mac with a higher spec graphics processor?

Many thanks

No you won’t videocard won’t even run full speed on Cubase, just the 125mhz idle setting used for your desktop as well. 750ti is plenty

Am I incorrect in thinking that Apple had a technology within the OS that allowed apps to use the immense power available in GPU’s these days for general processing too? Can’t for the life of me remember what it was called?

No, you have CUDA, but that only works for CUDA aware apps. none of the daws are CUDA aware.

Besides, most ‘common’ tasks wouldn’t benefit from the GPU anyway.
The advantage of the GPU is highly pararellized matrix computations, so to be of any real use the processes in Cubase would have to be rewritten in order to fit into that pipeline. I can’t think of any common processes in DAW’s that could benefit from such an approach.