Is Cubase able to work after the was suspend?

I really never was able to do this, maybe isn’t really a good way to work but well, let’s see.

Imagine I’m working in a project doing some editing stuff, nothing heavy, and I want to go out to fresh my ears, get something to eat, etc. So, I put my Pc in suspended mode because I will just right back in 15 mins…

After I come back, Cubase starts to act strange, sometimes crash, sometimes just froze.

So, Cubase is able to work after the pc was suspended ? I’m doing something crazy? or wrong? (wouldn’t be the first time :mrgreen: )

*IMO, I would never put mine in suspend mode if I was coming back in 15mins.

Here’s my .00356¢
Part of the problem is the “Disconnect” of things that need to be constantly attatched/running in Cubase because they can’t reconnect. VST’s, Bridge…etc…
Think of it as a soft crash…

What I have is my screen turn off and that’s it! I also tweaked my power management so that everything is running the same without the OS shutting something off…

usb goes to sleep , screen goes to sleep, harddrive goes to sleep and the only way to get Cubase working again fully is a reboot , not a good idea to let your computer sleep (suspend )

There’s always a chance that those 15mins become an hour or two (depends if the girl next door also take her 15 mins :smiley: )

But well !! I will never try that again with Cubase then.

BTW I never had problems with Reaper leaving it in suspended mode!


Well use reaper then , the answers simple , it really ticks me off when people cry about what bla bla can do and Cubase can’t . Since you have owned Cubase you have done nothing but moan about it , why not just sell the licence and go back to your beloved reaper ,simple :wink:

The idea of buying in to software is for you to learn how it works and runs , not moan because it doesn’t run like any other software you use, your either compatible together or not

Because I use Cubase for studio recording stuff, and Reaper for educational stuff. Simple.

For me It’s kind of sad when “looking for what it can’t do” is taken as bad thing. Those “I want more” is what make possible to have smartphones or even DAWs…

just saying…

Well in England there is an old saying of “I want never gets” just saying :wink:

But your issue is resolved now you know what caused it and if you actually checked the Steinberg recommendations for you computer optimisations then you would of realised this in the first place . just saying :wink:

chill and enjoy

Yeap, and now I had more thing to add to “what I don’t like about Cubase is” to my students, but I always recommend cubase to them . It’s lovehate :stuck_out_tongue:

as I said constantly moaning .

enjoy your day :wink:

Why would anyone put their computer is suspend or hibernate mode for a short while anyway?

Things you don’t like about Cubase. It doesn’t work very well after sleep mode. You’ve got some worries.

As a teacher, I always try to give all the info I can about all the DAWs in the market to my students, know what I love and what I have about Cubase give them a more a realistic point of view.

I also do the same with protools, Adobe Audition, Reaper and Sonar, and always finish with “Cubase is my favorite, but isn’t the best, there is no best DAW, just different ones, with different tools, but in the end, when you put 1+1, every DAW must give you 2. Just choose the one you like and stick to it until you know everything about it”

Sorry for the off-topic :blush:

Exactly so why are you moaning Cubase doesn’t have the functionality of other DAW’s ?

because that’s the way to get new features :smiley:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: