Is Cubase Elements as limited as Cubase LE?

I’m using LE4 right now. Solid, does what I want, didn’t cost me a penny, but I’d love it if it did just a couple of things for me…

  1. Multi-channel VST instruments - I can load & use them, but I can only use one of 16 channels available.

  2. Rewire - use the 64 midi tracks to control other Rewire products (Live, Reason), allowing me to compose in Cubase’s score editor while using the programs I know so well.

If I buy Cubase Elements, will my problems be solved or will I have the same limitations?

The comparison chart ( says Rewire is possible, but Physical inputs and outputs are limited to 24. Does this limit Rewire connections as well?

Also, can I use the iLok USB licenser I use with my EWQL products to license Cubse, or will I need to purchase & use a second dongle?