Is cubase meant to crash when it runs out of memory?

Im running 64bit win7 with 32bit cubase… cubase is currently using 2.4gb of ram (i have 8gb total) and it is crashing not long after loading the project, i can only presume this is because it is running out of memory.

Is this standard cubase behavior ?

any way around it?


But with cubase 32bit you can not use more tahn 4Gb, the workaround would be to get Jbridge so you can load memoryintense plugin and use more ram.
Can^t speak out of own knowledge haven’t used jbridge yet. But there are a lot of users speaking of this tool and its benifitz also in cubase 64bit you can run 32bit plugins more stable than with the steinbergbridge jet.

Greetz Bassbase

oh… your right! I always thought Jbridge was for 32bit plugins in a 64bit host… but i see it can be used for 32bit host in a 64bit enviroment… nice thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah always a pleasure if i could help :wink:

Greetz Bassbase