Is Cubase Pro 8.5 a Paid Update?

I have Cubase Pro 8. I’ve had it before October. Will I be able to update to 8.5?

Yep for €50


you will have to pay

its not an “Update” but an “UPGRADE” basically there adding a bunch of stuff and a new VSTi.

its be nice of Steiny if they would let you tr the update before you buy it as there are a few things in this upgrade i really don’t need or want to be honest but a few i do really like
Likes- GUI update specially in Mix mode
the transport update
the cycle update

could live without the rest of it, have plenty of synths that do what retrolouge 2 does
im more then a competent piano player so i don’t need something to play my chord for me
and it seems the rest of it you can do in cubase now with a few clicks or knowing the right key combination.

So hey Steiny hows about making your “Upgrades” Price based on what features you want and not paying for a bunch a crap ill never use? you have a great product as it is . hows about making that better then adding more bells and whistles we don’t really need and gouging your users that have already paid a LOT to use your system? and im sure in 6 months will come Cubase 9 and you’ll want a 100 euro more for that. Urgh

If you have registered V8 on October 15th or later you get a free upgrade.

And if you do have to pay for it bear in mind that the C9 release will cost you 50 euro less when that comes out.

Just my opinion but I think this is a bargain for €50 and of course you still have the choice of not buying it if you don´t agree.

I agree not a great deal of upgrades are in 8.5 but a decent night out costs about twice as much, so all in all a good upgrade for the cost.