Is Cubase Pro 8 losing focus in Windows 8.1? (keyboard)

First I thought it was a “play” problem only (I wasn’t able to press the space bar key and get the playback started) but now this happend also with other key commands like Record and talkback.

I didn’t find yet how to replicate this, sometimes looks like this happen when the Track Editor is open, but not all the time.

Does anyone have a problem like this? or is just me? :confused:

Yes, this is a problem for me. When I use the fade editor, all keys lose focus until the screen is clicked

Just a stab in the dark…

If you have the notepad open and it has focus then things don’t work as they should because keys do different thing in either the Notepad.

Is it this?

Yes, this is the same behaviour for me

Yutaka wrote:
Is it this? > … 31&t=81075
Yes, this is the same behaviour for me

Any idea how I can read that topic?

I’m having serious issues with Cubase losing focus (in Win10) and this is the only thread so far about a similar issue, but the topic you refer to is locked or something for me. I don’t have permission?