Is Cubase Pro Output Padded Down?

Running C9.5 and C10 on a W10 machine through a UR824.
Also running PT12.4 on the same machine and same UR824.
When I switch to PT everything is noticeably louder.
Can’t seem to find anything on the UR or C10 that explains it…although I could be missing something obvious.
It’s not an issue but it does make me curious.

Have you checked routing? Also the meters should agree or in the case PT they should be higher.

I noticed it too and I think it has to do with pan law. Try changing your pan law to whatever you have it set to in PT and let me know if that worked.

Thanks guys…I’ll look into both of those.I had a chuckle at myself as it never occurred to me to check the meters to quantify what I thought I was hearing…first week with the new brain…still working out the wrinkles :wink: