Is Cubase Pro ready for 3D (AMBEO A-B format 4-channel strip )

I am looking into the world of 3D and VR for sounds and wonder if Cubase is ready for this with version 9.5.30?
I want to buy the Sennheiser Ambeo VR-mic

And VR Mic delivers First-order Ambisonics A format, which must be converted to B format. This conversion is an important part of the functionality and sound of the microphone. You need to download and install the Sennheiser AMBEO A-B format converter (link below) and load it into a 4-channel strip in your selected Digital Audio Workstation. Ambisonics can be decoded in 3D Binaural Stereo with, for example, NoiseMakers AmbiHead plugin.

So is this possible to do with Cubase Pro as a DAW?



Please read this article and watch the video.

Thanks for the links. I have already red and seen this but thanks anyway.
I am new into this with VR and 3D and I am starting to understand a little bit on the way by reading and looking at tutorials as much as I can.
Its a lot of things to get into but I suppose Steinberg will come out with this Virtual Reality World Premiere, not only for games, and enlighten me more with tutorials etc.
Is it true that Steinberg is going to release an Cubase Pro version with functions for VR/3D sounds this year?