Is Cubase support offline

I’m trying to raise a support ticket, but the website just loops back to the homepage.

Is support actually offline at the moment owing to Cubase 12 just being released?


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Hmm still offline today. I guess Cubase 12 crashes etc. has derailed their support capacity.

The problem might be in your browser, connection, ISP, etc.

Cubase support is not offline.
Just now:

When I click the button, a ticket details screen is shown, complete that then it just switches back to the homepage. Interestingly the URL says ‘support…NewRequest’ instead of the homepage URL, but the page is just the homepage.

I’ve tested this with adblockers on and off, with both Firefox and Edge browsers. My broadband is working fine - all other websites load correctly.

So, yes it is - effectively - offline at the moment.

Hmph. I see.

Sorry, just re-read my post and didn’t want to come off as cross with anyone!

I’m trying to install and use Cubase, but my licence has disappeared, so I wanted to raise a support ticket, which isn’t currently possible.

I’ve just emailed them using the address they used in responding to my similar request from a year ago when I re-installed, so maybe they’ll get back to me.

If someone has recently successfully raised a support ticket via the website, I’d be grateful to know how they did it.

I’m wondering whether my PCs (I tried two different machines, plus a Kindle Fire) need Java or some C++ library or some such.

Might try my Android phone next as it has Opera on it.

Hmm. Getting the same result with Opera; ticket page loops back to the homepage.

Anyone got any ideas?

Well, I even tried good old Internet Explorer, but that did the same thing.
Is it possible my ISP is blocking something the support ticket page needs to access?

Support in the US is very problematic.
I have filed a number of tickets over the years and every time I actually get a response (twice).
I am told that they can’t find my email address in their DB and so won’t be providing the assistance i requested. Clearly I own Cubase, and I use the same email address with all of Steinberg. So the problem is with US Support.

As I help others from time to time, this is not just my experience.

Please If anyone in Hamburg is listening, this is a major issue. Please do something about this.

Still can’t raise a ticket :frowning:

So weird… Check your PMs

Thanks for the PM, that really helped.

For everyone else, it looks like there’s a problem with the system and my username/email address becoming detached or blocked somehow.

I created a whole new account and was then able to submit a ticket that way, so hopefully I can get Cubase back shortly.

Thanks Steve!

Glad that worked!!

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