Is Cubase the right product for me?

I purchased a Zoom H4n Hand Recorder to record bird sounds. The recorder came bundled with Cubase LE and WaveLab LE. What I want to do with my recordings is basically clean them up, remove extraneous sounds etc, finishing up with a faithful record of the bird sound. Do I really need such high-end audio software, or is there a simpler product that would suit me better?

It sounds like WaveLab could be the better tool for you. If you upgrade to WaveLab Elements 9.5, you’ll gain access to the RestoreRig plugin which can help you remove or tone down the noise in your recordings:

Cubase can still be useful to you when you want to arrange multiple recordings or audio files in a timeline and then combine them into a single audio file.

Thanks Romantique, I’ll have a look at that…