Is Cubase training help available someplace?

I am new to this sort of software. Got it with my new guitar and amp. As I read through the frequently asked questions and forum issues, everybody seems to be at college level and I am apparently at grade school level. How do I get started? Not even sure how this software works or what it is capable of doing so any help is appreciated.

Buy some Video Trainings in Your Language - is the fastest way.
And using the english forum hiere.

Where would I find training videos for this ?

Youtube or try google.

German Videos won’t help you, i think.

Hey I’m at grade level myself, and I’ve learned of this sites- Macprovideo, Askvideo, Academy their all linked together, each offering something the others doesn’t. Awesome learning software and industry info site. Hope this helps.

I’ve found Streamworks Audio tutorials to be quite good, haven’t used their Cubase one (don’t need to) but the WaveLab 9 one is excellent, if that’s anything to go by. In the past I’ve used the Cubase tutorials from Ask/MacProVideo … also good, I think a lot depends on whether the tutor’s voice-over is to your personal taste :slight_smile:

Go to youtube and search for Cubase google hangout and watch videos of people asking questions. A new video for every month. I learned a lot and still do from these. :slight_smile:


My suggestions

German, free

German, paid
If you need a more structured introduction, try



Hi Tpschill,

BORN TO PRODUCE offer free MP4 tutorials (if you sign up to their mailing list) and also sell some Cubase tutorial packages for different GENRES.

I have just worked through one of their free download demonstrations.

The guy Jay will also reply personally to your emails.


Paul David Seaman (UK)

I also like the Groove3 vids. Even the older vids for CB7 and up are great starting points. Besides CB tutorials, they also offer general mixing and arrangement tutorials, sound design and othjer background stuff that can enhance your skills.

Groove3 is a premium service, however, for a couple of $$$ you can subscribe monthly and have access to all vids.