Is Cubase unique among DAWS in breaking what works when updates are released?

I’ve been following Cubase for many years, and it’s clearly a pattern: Steinberg releases a new version with all kinds of neat things, and we see that several old things that are important and were working completely well are broken.

For 9.5, there is an officially designated bug having to do with Cue Sends, and other reports describe what looks like a bug in the Mixer History (it intermittently stops working). These are just two things that people are posting about regarding the new 9.5 release.

I have zero perspective with other DAWS, so I was wondering … how common is that one-step-forward-also-means-one-step-back release phenomenon among other DAWs? I haven’t seen that kind of thing so much with plug-in updates (Melda, for example), but I know a DAW is much more complicated … so maybe it’s the norm in things like ProTools, Reaper, Studio One, and the like?

Anyone with multi-DAW experiences?

Yeah, it happens with Pro Tools too every now and then. Thing is though that Avid puts out a decent amount of updates per year. In addition I don’t suffer from those bugs personally because I work in studios that buy all the gear and they won’t buy a first release.

This happens to every DAW, but it’s not exclusive to them. Pretty much all complex software and even games can suffer from seemingly random regressions like this.

Thanks, folks. Good to know and get a broader perspective than I have!

I’ve used Sonar, PTHD, Samplitude, Studio One 3, Reaper, about to get Cubase Pro, Adobe, MS.

It seems that Software in general, has becom so complex, that most catch new bugs with new updates. It seems never ending.

Even battlefield 1 has some returning bugs d:)

I have used Logic and DP over the years and at various times there have been issues with new updates and upgrades.
Currently, issues seem to be more related to new versions of the macOS.

DAW software is complex. No surprises that bugs need to be worked out.