Is Cubase useable yet?

Now that the latest update has landed is it safe for me to buy Cubase 13 pro ?

It probably depends on your hardware, your installed VST’s, and your workflow. Many users have found the change from C12 to C13 to work well for them, others have found it to be a backward step. You now have the option of a free trial. I’d recommend you give the trial a go on a non-mission-critical machine if that is an option for you.

It depends
It’s very usable for me NOW after a complete reinstall of windows .

My personal advice would be if you are thinking about it , Hide C12 preferences , Install C13 with the FULL installer and not the update and this will give you the best chance of a smooth crash free C13 .
There’s loads of glitches and annoying things BUT stability wise for me NOW is ok .

It’s a roll of a dice depending on your system configuration


If you load the full C13 rather than the update, how do you get your c12 preferences into c13 besides manually setting them one by one?


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You have answered your own question

I’d second the advice to check out the trial version since everyone’s system is different, but, FWIW, even the original 13.0.10 release was “safe” for me, and I use loads of different VST plugins and instruments on a relatively dated system (one I built back in 2014, though I’ve replaced the DAW-related hard drives with SSDs since then and added a second monitor).

I just let the Cubase Pro 13 upgrade use my Cubase Pro 12 preferences, too. There was at least one preference that didn’t come across due to a changed way of handling whether the transport returns to the start position or stays where you hit stop, thus requiring me to re-add the keyboard shortcut I’d set up to toggle that (and change the menu-level default to return to the start position since that is my usual preference). I also did need to tweak a color preference or two to work around the way selected tracks were highlighted (they weren’t very visible by default).

That’s not to say there haven’t been a few issues I’ve noticed, but I’ve never even been tempted to revert back to C12.0.70 since starting with C13, and the relative ease of transition is a huge improvement over where the first few versions of C12 were. (I still did not revert to C11 at that time, but I’m not in a commercial studio environment or anything, so tend to be able to tolerate a bit more “bleeding edge pain” than many.)


Many Thanks.
I’ll give it a go.