Is Cubasis3 a good product for me to buy?

I’m looking for a ipad software to play live music.
I have an IPAD Air 2
I have a Roland A-88 and Korg M-1 midi keyboard using usb midi interface midiman
I also use a Roland Integra-7 as sound module with usb connection and wireless adapter

My needs:

  • DAW software for IPAD connecting with a Camera usb connection for playing Midi songs
  • Software having the drivers to work with my equipment list above and that works well with a USB Hub to connect to the IPAD. So I need to have at least 2 Midi IN hardware connected (2 Keyboards)
  • Each Keyboard need to play on multiple tracks so a keyboard can play on 2 differents tracks at the same times and go out on 2 differents channels
  • I need a track individual PAN for stereo output
  • the integra-7 works as sound module as well as midi instrument
  • I mostly play song for CC and Patch changes to make my setup automatically when running a song in live performances
  • Load and play a group of songs to play rapidly the next song. Could be like a playlist or a group of songs pre-loaded ready to use for live performances.
  • Capability of downloading and setup the instruments list of an integra-7. (I think that it’s possible to do so with Cubase for PC, is it possible for Cubasis for IPAD?
  • Show Lyrics and chords in live performances

Problems I had with other Daw softwares that I need to resolve:

  • Not efficient setup of midi IN and midi OUTPUT on the songs (lose the setup on in and out on tracks when reload the song to play)
  • Not possible to intagrate easily the instrument list of my Integra-7
  • Not efficient to play live with the software (Not possible to start the next song fast in live performance. It must be done in 2 seconds)
  • I worked with a PC software so a laptop is not a good way to work in live performance, I prefer to work with an IPAD now

Does Cubasis 3 can reach my needs and resolve my problems? Please confirm me if each points are reach here with Cubasis 3 before I buy this software

P.S. is the spring promotion of 30% on Cubasis3 is available for me now?

Thank you

is there someone that can answer to these points?
I see that I have no answer from the support or sales team from Steinberg

thank you

Hi Remy,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis lets you create your music on the iPhone and iPad.
The app can be used on its own, or with other instruments and effects app via Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and/or Audiobus.
Plus, the app supports CC-compatible audio and MIDI devices.

From what I read, you seem to look after an application to use in a live performance to manage your MIDI songs and hardware, correct?
While this might be possible with Cubasis for some aspects, the app has not been designed for this usecase.

Please find more information about Cubasis 3 (including feature charts and clips) on our website:

Cubasis 3 Overview
What’s New in 3
Comparison Chart

You might give our compact Cubasis LE version a try, which can run in a 30 minutes demo mode.
However, this version comes with a reduced feature set.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Yes i am very satisfied

Hi lennygorden.
If you are thinking about controlling integra7 patches,
programming, setup, etc,
via ipad , you need a sysex editor for ipad.
There is a couple of them on appstore, these editors
can control Integra-7, Korg m1 patches ,programming
Cubase does have a midi manager (i think its called), which support many synthesizers, drum machine,which
you can use to control/ setup your synth.
Cubasis does not have a midi manager, so
how you actually connect your ipad sysex editor
to cubasis i really dont know, but here is the
links for ipad sysex editor (appstore).

Roland Integra-7 editor for ipad.