Is Daniel's workload large enough…

… and his speed and thoroughness of response fast enough?

If not, could we help reduce the danger of boredom by requesting a Dorico podcast?

Seriously, has anyone at Steinberg the time and inclination; and is there an appetite amongst users, please?

:smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

I would gladly listen. Heck, we could even do one amongst ourselves although no doubt interviewing one of the team each time would produce a much more interesting insight into the program.

It’s a lot to ask, I know.

But… one topic each week (sorry, each time): examples of musicians’ use; tips and tricks; troubleshooting; comparisons with ‘parallel’ products; little used features; attention drawn to (online resources); what’s being worked on.

I think it is quite enough for the Dorico Team to do what they do as well as they do it without asking them to take on additional time-consuming activities. I’m sure if they had the time, they would already be doing more to help users with the program.

These folks deserve the chance to spend time with family and friends.

Fair enough.

If things ever slow down (!), I’m sure it’d be a welcome bonus.

We already have monthly videos on the Steinberg channel - isn’t that pretty much the same thing, but with pictures?

Last week I read Daniel’s reply to a post and it was after 2:00am AND he was on vacation !

Damn that’s dedication above and beyond

The man deserves a raise and stock options

Ten times over, Yes!