Is "Detect Silence" really working?

I am working with monologs, speach…
The Detect Silence leave some quiet parts like breath while removing much more pronounced sounds
I find it quite tricky to make a perfect tweak, it always have been in my case,
but it seems like the Detect Silencefunction is not working so good in Nuendo10…

Is there anyone that feels the same about this? Is it a known bug?
Please let me know,
Micke S.

Hi, …
I had a similar problem a few days ago when detect silence did not work on spoken words perfectly.
Soon it turned out that there was some subsonic rumble from a large construction machine temporarily and
accidentally recorded, as well, which was not audible to the human ear but could be seen right away on the wave forms.
Thankfully the huge Machine was gone next day.

No, apart from this easily spotted accident Detect Silence is working nicely, here.
I have not noticed your problem, yet. But that does not mean that there couldn’t be a problem, somewhere.
Servus, Big K

Bounce the file with a high pass filter. If it’s speech, nuke all below at least 50hz, even higher in most cases.

Hi thanks, I will try that high pass filter.
But, Loud sound, like a perfectly pronounced word is often deleted to,
I am recording in a quiet treated studio…and already when recording applied a high pass filter… so.
I dont know…