Is different velocity in piano right and left hand in NotePerformer possible?

I would like that left hand played louder than right hand in a piece for solo-instrument and piano. The style is like samba-like - should sound like rhythm guitar and bass… Of course I can fiddle with the new play-options. But it would be easier just to write forte for left and mf for right hand.
I think that the low notes in the pianosound is a little weak. I could use Halion-sounds, but here the violin is not my taste.
Of course I later could use Audition (a 10 years old version; stille working fine) to do some of the work.

Work with the different voices in the piano part (in Play) to up the velocity of the LH.

Another option is to create two pianos. Delete the bass clef from the first, and the treble from the second. In the mixer you’ll then be able to adjust them individually.

  1. Use independent dynamics (confirming the popover entry with Alt-Enter rather than Enter.)
  2. Turn on independent voice routing in Play mode.

There really isn’t any more to it than that, and immediate dynamics can be hidden in Write mode from the properties panel as necessary.


Thanks to all for the many good advices. So many possibilities in Dorico! :grinning:
I had thought of the 2 piano-solution. But I had to use cross-stave notes so I didn’t choose that. Instead I thought of doubling with an el-bass softly in the background to give more volume to the left-hand sound.
I think I will do that when I use solution 3. The first solution opens for an extended use of the play-window another time.