Is DOP wonky for any of you?

Sometimes plugins don’t show up in the DOP window when I right-click and select the plugin to process audio with. It should work the way it used to in this way to process audio with plugins (and sometimes it does!) because to only be able to do it from the DOP window would be more unnecessary clicks, which we certainly don’t need in Cubase.

Also, undo/redo can be messed up. Sometimes if you undo the DOP processing then try to re-do it, it won’t redo it. :frowning:

Wonky as… here too

I agree. The concept is good, but they need to work on the implementation.

I’m completly in love with DOP… I’m on a sound design session where I have to offline process a lot of clips and having DOP on a shortcut speeds things in a amazing way. I think this is one of the best new features in 9.5

So you don’t encounter any issues like the ones I and others describe? DOPis a great feature for sure - I’m not arguing that, just noting that it has some problems that should be remedied in order for it to work properly all of the time.

Try using variaudio on some audio, move a few notes up or down.
Then DOP a Fade In or Out (visually easy to spot), after processing, variaudio analyses the audio again, and the Fade in is not there.
I tried again a few times and now it works, my guess is it has something to do with the temp files that are processed out of order.
Anyone up for trying to repro this issue ?
Just trying to come up with a usable bug report.

I had big problems with DOP crashing DMG and Auto-tune amongst others, but when i reset the graphics card settings to default and updated Windows 10 (Fall creators update) all is good :slight_smile:
Not sure what did the trick, but it works now.

I find it cumbersome, i simply needed to increase a wav with 2dB, turned the knob, nothing happened, wave graphic didn’t update after apply, play also didn’t play it louder.
I used the old menu for doing wave edits without gong to WL. I never had the need to include plugins as I just render in place.
DOP as it is now is half baked and counter intuitive.

I use Autotune lots and lots as a process on a clip when doing backing vocals etc to tune things on the fly. But using DOP seems very very buggy to me. Can’t really figure out whats going on but it seems like the clip holds onto the processed audio even if I go back in and make a change. How are you guys getting on with Autotune and DOP?

This is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Apply the processing and it doesnt always apply to the clip. Or if I want to get back to the original (to take away processing) it seems like I cant at times even if I delete the plugin from DOP

I want the old menu back, there is no need for including inserts, only make things more confusing.
Basic tasks need a basic menu.

Which menu?

Not just me then!

Feature is a fantastic idea but currently completely broken. Steinberg REALLY should NOT have released it in it’s current form. But that’s typical of Steinberg :wink:

Im back to using 9, considering requesting a refund on 9.5.