Is dorico showing all midi controller events?

I used a Harp from AIR Expand!2 (better sound that HALion Sonic SE) that starts to play vibrato in the middle (bar 19) of the piece, as if there’s a mod wheel event. However Dorico doesn’t show me any. I added CC01 = 0 at the start of the piece but the vibrato keeps coming halfway the piece. Adding the same CC01 = 0 events throughout the piece doesn’t help. Dorico is sending some event that can’t be stopped or detected.

So is Dorico really showing what’s going on under the hood? I hoped to use Dorico for the perfect synthesis between a (simple) daw and notation program for my arrangements but unfortunately this kind of trouble shooting takes too much time (this is not the first midi and technical issue that took a lot of time to resolve over the last weeks).

BTW: how to upload the project? I can only add graphic files (error: invalid file extension).

To upload a project, first zip it up, then you can upload it. Please do upload it, as perhaps we’ll be able to see what might be happening at that point, even without the harp patch you’re using.