Is Elements free if you own full c6?

I just bought Cubase 6 Elements; I also already own Cubase 6 Full Version. I just want to make sure that it is my license doesn’t already contain one for this version.

Also, is there seriously no transport controls / time display on the top bar in Elements??

As I understod, no.

I even asked if we could have a price reduction. The answer was no.

I for instance would be interested since Cubase elements works without dongle and I think that it would be wise from the part of steinberg to give us a discount. I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Yeah, it seems odd to need to buy a lesser version of the app I paid for; especially considering the only differences are the lack of features, meaning there is nothing unique about elements.

But I already bought it since I need something dongle free on my laptop, but do not need as many features as my C6 full provides.

Oh well, figured I would ask before I broke the seal.

Thanks for the response.

I guess, if you think about the licensing, it would be impossible for Steinberg to allow owners of C6 to have a free version of Elements. It is an independent license. How would they stop C6 owners from installing it on their friends computers, or “selling” copies of it. I don’t see how it could be done.

EDIT: Remember, you are not paying for the software. You are paying for the license to use it. Asking for free Elements (since it has it’s own soft-license) is like asking for a free second license.

If you could find someone with the install disk, your C6 license would allow you to run Elements.

The OP isn’t the only one who reads this thread. :astonished:

Info is for others, as well.

Thanks man, that is actually what I was asking in my first post (I didn’t make any mention about the laptop).

You seem to have read my OP incorrectly.

According to mashedmitten, you are wrong. With C6 you have a license for Elements. I was not asking for a SEPERATE license, but rather if my C6 license covered Elements, and mashedmitten has confirmed it does.

So a full C6 license covers lesser versions. You will obv need your dongle which contains said license, but that is not what I was asking in my OP.

Ok, did some testing.

I have Cubase 6 and dongle (of course).

I also installed the Cubase elements trial. The trial has expired 2 days ago.

When I launch Cubase Elements with the dongle plugged in, it functions.

When I close Cubase Ellements and remove the dongle it will not run and give me a Trial expired message.

We all know what this means: since I have Cubase 6 full with license on the dongle Cubase Elements will detect this and decide I have the “right” to run it.

No dongle= no right to run it. If I would like to run Cubase elements without the dongle I will have to pay for it separately…

I would still like a discount :slight_smile:


Yeah, not changing my question just saying that I needed something dongle free, I was still curious if the dongle covered elements though…

Mmm … sometimes I’ve wondered, but this is great info I think :sunglasses:

A discount for that little program is the cost of a few lunches or something? If you need it, don’t wait for a discount, just buy the crap! :slight_smile:

Sometimes I like to “detach” my laptop from all the tentacles and use it in the couch for example. Another example is my workplace (music school) where I can have spare time and am reluctant to bring my dongle (hm, sounds way wrong)…


I bought Cubase Elements 6 for my laptop, does the job, I haven’t felt the need to install the full version as well.

How about getting another dongle (for the laptop) and copy/transfer the license .Isn’t that possible or would you need another license?

To transfer, you wouldn´t, but then unless you have a built in USB slot in your laptop, simply switching the dongle might be the easier solution. And obviously copying the license is not possible.

I read you can put it on a dongle. So if you buy a 2nd dongle you should be able to put elements on it and run elements everywhere you take that dongle.

It takes the hassle out of “switching dongles”, but is defeating the dongleless solution…


P.S. Been tinking about: selling Cubase 6, buying 3x Cubase Elements and putting one of these on a dongle…