Is eLicencer software required anymore?

Since Nuendo 13 I have an eLicencer dialog error (Application Unknown has caused the Applicatin not Registered error }) that comes up every time I open Nuendo. I can clear it and all is fine but I"m wondering can I safely remove eLicencer or is it required still by Steinberg?

The eLicenser Control Panel is not used anymore, unless you have some software that has not been updated by Steinberg.

Have you updated the eLicenser Control Panel recently? If not I think you should start the Download Assistant, which will check for current releases of the Control Panel, as well as Activation and Library manager.

You should not delete the Control Panel, because it will come back every time the Download Assistant starts and it also doesn’t harm, because it is just a tiny little executable on your machine.

The list of products that still need the eLicenser is here

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So if I am not running software on this list I can remove eLicencer from the computer? Or are you saying Steinberg Download Manager will automatically reinstall it again?



As I said, just leave it where it is and ignore it. It doesn’t harm

Ok thanks for that. I find it strange that Steinberg Download wants to install this if it is not used anymore. Perhaps Steinberg can comment on why it gets installed!

You might not need it anymore, but there are still relationships between the two license systems, probably because they are needed to do upgrades from earlier products.

As long as there is a chance of users trying to upgrade earlier products this relationship will stay. I don’t care about it because it doesn’t disturb anything.