Is eLicenser 1 incompatible with USB 3.0?

I’m on Windows 10. Is eLicenser 1 (bought in2003) is incompatible with USB 3.0? I’m just experiencing problem with it in my new computer which has only USB 3.0 ports. Before staring Cubase 10.5 eLCC sees the licence but then it crushes Cubase and the licenses disappear. On old computer with USB 2.0 no problem.


In this case it’s recommended to buy the latest USB-eLicenser generation, which is USB3 compatible.

And than use Zero Down Time procedure? I have to move licence from old to new one.

If you plug both USB-eLicensers into the computer, you can drag and drop the licenses from the old dongle to the new one within the eLicenser Control Center. The Zero Downtime procedure shouldn’t be necessary.

Thaks for the answer!!! Please tell me, when to register the new eLicenser - before or after license transfer?

I guess, it doesn’t matter. But if you register the new eLicenser before moving the licenses, you should be on the safe side. Don’t forget to run the maintenance task in the eLicenser Control Center after the license transfer so that the changes get synchronized with your mySteinberg account.


It doesn’t matter, if you register the new USB-eLicenser before or after the transfer.

Of course, plug both of them to the old computer, which can handle the old one too.