Is Field Recorder Missing in Menu N12?

I can’t seem to find the Field Recorder workflow that used to be under project in N11. I’m able to load it via making a key command but I am not finding it in the Menu Tab? I also tried loading default preferences just to be sure. Anybody have the same issue?

It’s been moved to the File>Import menu. And it’s still not been fixed.

Thanks I was looking everywhere. I guess that makes sense to be in import menu now.

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What do you mean it still hasn’t been fixed? What is broken about it? I just started playing around with it recently.

Basically if you use it on an AAF that has truncated audio files, which is very common - some video editing software cannot even export an AAF in any other form - Nuendo won’t read/apply the timecode offset and all your conformed audio will be completely out of sync. If you can get an AAF with full unaltered audio files, then it will work.

That’s interesting I usually have to ask for AAF’s with “complete audio files” from editors using Premiere (which a lot seem to be using these days) to even retain any metadata in the transfer. If it would work that way with truncated files that would be great.

Yes, same here. But more projects ar done on Davinci Resolve for instance and it cannot export full audio files with an AAF.