Is "Fire Logical Editor Preset" via MIDI Controller button possible?

Hi Guys! searched forum, manual, YT videos, but coulnd’t figure out. Any help is appreciated. My purpose is to fire a few, frequently used LogicalEditor presets via MIDI#CC buttons.

Which midi cc buttons?
I use a touch screen which allows me to access functions of the logic editor

Hi @Freudon , that is exactly what I want to do only difference is to hit buttons on external MIDI Controller instead of touch-screen… Just can’t find, where to assign MIDI CC controls to given Logical Editor Presets☺️ Or where is this window you put in the post that would let me to edit ‘my selection’, how can I find it?

If it is to view the controllers in the piano roll you must open and create the controller line presets

these parameters are found in the midi function

but I suppose you are using the new midi remote control?
And I don’t control it
for my part I use LEs, PLEs and Macros
but everything is configured with the 14bitMIDI Sherlock Plugin
with tactile buttons and no midi CCs.

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if you want an example on how to do it
see this video

Choose controller lanes in Cubase faster via key commands

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Hi @Freudon let me check first everything you mentioned :slight_smile:

Hi, you can use the Generic Remote or the (new) MIDI Remote.
Here’s an example with Generic Remote:

After selecting Studio Setup->Add Device->Generic Remote, you can add a control (first table) and then assign it to a process project logical editor preset (second table).

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Hi @m.c , @Freudon ,
Many thanks to both of you! I could make the config for what my topic question was with your help :slight_smile: I really appreciate! Currently succeed with “Generic Remote” but will try soon with the (new) MIDI Remote.

Meanwhile succeed with (new) MIDI editor too :sunglasses::v: Thank you again!

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