Is Groove Agent 4 SE free in Cubase 8.5?

Someone here told me this, but after installing it I still have to acess a serial number which I cannot find. Do I have to buy it seperately if I want to use it?

Its part of Cubase 8.5. You don’t have to buy it seperatly

No?? I did found out I have a 1 month trial version with the package. But the Groove Agent SE isnt free in the Cubase (8.5, student version) whch I bought.

GASE is included free with all Cubase versions.

In fact there is no such thing as a Groove Agent SE trial because it is not available to purchase…you are presumably confusing it with the Groove Agent (non SE version) which is a paid software and has a trial version

I think youre right about me mixing the different versions up :smiley: