Newbie to Cubase and DAWs…I’m running Artist 7.
What I need is drum/ rythm patterns that I can use as a kind of metronome / rythm track to build my songs on.
Mostly simple R&B style straightforward grooves.
I can play V-drums fairly well ( Roland TD-11 set )…but am not good enough to have a constant groove without lagging or speeding up at some point.
It seems that Groove agent is probably overkill for my needs and I also don’t want to spent hrs programming drums.
Does Groove Agent have readily accessible patterns I can use or is there a better software for my needs I can just plug in?
Thanks, Eric

I mostly use BFD and not GA. However there lots of midi drums parts floating around the internet - both free and minimally priced. You should be able to create an instrument track with GA on it and just sequence these patterns on the track to have GA play them. You might need to fitz a bit with drum maps to get the right drums to trigger. But if the files use the General Midi mapping (likely) then use Cubase’s built in GM map.

Aren’t there lots of midi loops in your Media Bay for GA1, Eric?

Actually Groovemonkee do midi patterns for GA4.All you have to do is drag the midi file onto the midi track. I use them a lot.

I hope that helps?

This is all a man needs, right here:

I have a bunch of Groovemonkee patterns and give them a big thumbs up.

Some of the stock kits in GA are awesome. The vintage one especially rules!

Thanks Guys for all the great suggestions and tips !!..Gives me more to think about…
Has anybody used EZ drummer out there ??? any positive or negatives compared to GA ??

Thanks, Eric

I prefer EZDrummer 2 over GA-SE because:
It sounds and plays more like a real drum kit.
It has a good selection of basic, standard grooves that fit my production styles. GA leans too far to the “dance” genres.
Much easier to find sounds , variations and fills.
Feels like I’m working with a drummer instead of a machine.

They have a demo version to try it for free.

Groove agent is better for electronic dance music, with it’s ability to load and edit samples.

I really like logic’s new Drummer plugin, but I like Cubase as my DAW.

The groovemonkee patterns are also really good to use in GA and very affordable. The sound very “real”.

EZ Drummer

Steven slate drums

Superiour drummer

Stylus RMX

(not in a particular order)